Saxophone player & composer

New album is out!

Andreas Bøttiger & Casper Christensen - Stardust 

Previous events

November 4, 2022

Kong Chronos -

single release

February 23, 2023

Andreas Bøttiger & Casper Christensen

Frølageret, Vinterjazz, 20 pm

November 18, 2022

Stardust -

single release

March 17,


Andreas Bøttiger & Casper Christensen

Malt kirke, 17 pm

November 25, 2022

Stardust -

full album release

Upcoming events

May 14,


Søren Østergård Kvintet,

Jelling Kirke, 4 pm

June 9,


Andreas Bøttiger & Casper Christensen

Galleri Knægt, Bogense

May 15,


Andreas Bøttiger & Casper Christensen

Galleri Knægt, Bogense

August 4,


Jesper Hertz 4,

Torvet, Svendborg

3 pm

May 20,


Concert w. Hans Kristian Hannibal-Bach and Jens Bønnerup,

Åens Dag, Frederiksbroen,

4.30 pm


Andreas Bøttiger (born in 1986) is a danish saxophone player and composer.

He has a master degree in Saxophone and Composition from SDMK (Syddansk Musikkonservatorium/Dansih National Academy of Music).

During the last decade he has recorded with many orchestras and artists, such as Jesper Hertz 4, Lagoon at Noon, Nordstrand, Rasmus Henriksen's Polymetrum Ensemble etc.

He has a new duo album release coming up with guitarist, Casper Christensen, called "Stardust".

It will be available on both streaming and vinyl.

New release!


Andreas Bøttiger & Casper Christensen



On the 25th of November Andreas Bøttiger and guitarist, Casper Christensen, will release their debut album, Stardust.

After having played with each other in various settings for many years, the two friends decided to make a musical testimony.

During the Covid lockdown of 2020 they started working on an album that would become a mix of original compositions and some of their favorite jazz standards.

Being only allowed to see very few people during this strange period of time, the pandemic however offered an oppurtunity to create a very intimate and spacious musical expression.

Kong Chronos (first single)


Stardust (second single)


Stardust (full album)


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